How I organized my Linen Closet

My Linen Closet was what nightmares are made of! The kids would crab a towel and they would drop onto the floor in the hallway to live until we cleaned it all up. So much was crammed into that closet that it was impossible to find anything. A waterfall of towels or blankets would come crashing down onto you if you tried to remove anything from it. After researching on Pinterest “organized  linen closets” I decided that I needed to tackle this space. Finding the right size/shape baskets was important so the first step was to measure my closet. Find the depth of your shelves so you can buy baskets that are deep but yet don’t hang over. The width of your closet will determine how many baskets or towels will fit. After quickly sketching the closet out on a piece of paper I headed to  local stores to find the perfect baskets. The best places I found baskets were Walmart, The Container Store, HomeSense, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Target and Ballard Designs.
As much as I would love to get rid of the wire shelving it wasn’t priority. Wire shelving is in all the closets in our home and they work so why fix something that isn’t broke (although aesthetically I would LOVE to change it all my hubby wouldn’t be too keen on that 😉 ).
After 10 years of marriage our towels were worn and stained. It was time for some fresh new towels. After asking you all for your recommendations and some research I found these amazing Turkish towels. White was the go to color for 95% of people. You can bleach, and clean white towels easier then coloured towels. Recently I’ve started using some facial antibiotic creams that bleach coloured towels and make them look awful. These white towels still look awesome and I love that I can bleach them.
The Jute Baskets were a major score at HomeSense! I love that they have lids and hide all the colourful beach towels and family board games. I’m not sure why we store our board games in the linen closet but it’s a easy place for the kids to grab them and we don’t have room anywhere else.

We keep a few of our favourite family products in the linen closet for easy grabs as all of our bedrooms are close to it. Washed Up, Deep Breath and Settle Down by K’pure and Magnesium Oil by So Luxury. Q-tips and Cotton pads in the glass jars behind.
It seems as though there is two kinds of people when it comes to laundry. You are someone who is constantly doing laundry throughout the week or you let it pile up and when you have nothing left to wear you do it. I seem to always leave it till Saturday or Sunday when uniforms need to be washed for Monday. Which one are you? The rolling laundry basket pictured above is so handy as it wheels around the house easily and its also fun for the kids to take rides in. I hope this inspires you to tackle your linen closet and refresh your towels. Wrapping yourself in these towels after a warm bath doesn’t get old.




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