Comfort Works Sofa Cover

I am so excited to share about my new Ikea Farlov sofa covers! We’ve lived in our current home for over 3 years and have had a black sectional that was nice but had always dreamed of a sofa, love seat and arm chairs. This creates more seating for friends and family. Speaking of family, children seem to do a lot of damage to sofa’s. My little boy loves to jump, spin and wipe his little fingers on the fabric. These sofa covers wash up so well that I don’t find myself stressing out when their eating snacks on them.
When shopping on the Custom Works website I was able to choose 8 fabric samples to test out. Simply choose the fabrics in the colors you are interested in and wait for them to arrive. Comfort Works has organized them by fabric type and explains the durability, comfort and price. After looking at my samples we chose Gaia Fog 100% Cotton. This color matched the ribbon on my roman shades perfectly. The dark grey contrasts with the light grey walls and is kid friendly! Comfort Works makes handmade slip covers for Ikea, Pottery Barn and custom sofas.
Once you decide on your fabric and color it’s really easy to order your Farlov sofa cover. Simply just go back on the website and search for your sofa. Once you spot your sofa choose your fabric option and add it to your cart. Place your order and you will have handmade custom sofa covers arrive in 4-5 weeks. Yippee!!
Putting the covers on is very simple! All the items are labeled and go on easy. The large bottom cushion on our Farlov Ikea Sofa was the trickiest but we figured out putting one side in fully first helps make the opposite side easier to slide in. The only thing you will need if you don’t already own one is a hand steamer. The sofa covers can be wrinkled (depending on the fabric you picked) and a light steaming makes the sofas look amazing.

I’ve been so happy with the fabric as I have had to spot wash a few messes and so far they have cleaned up really well. Also knowing if I want to switch up the color or material in the replacement slip covers of my sofa is easy to do, makes my heart happy! Because we all know I love switching things up! If you have any questions about my sofas, custom Comfort Works sofa covers or anything else please ask away below in the comments. A full Living room post with all the details to come soon.
Photography by: Kristen Burr Photography & Riverside Photography



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