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Let’s go back 10 years back to when I worked as a Laser Technician and Skin Consultant at a Medical Spa called Lazure here in Chilliwack. I had my aesthetician license and was trained and certified on all the different treatments, machines and skin care. Passionate about it was an understatement. I loved seeing my patients skin transformed and their confidence boosted. We treated all ages and many different skin issues. One of my favourite treatments to give was the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Treatment. I’ll share more about that treatment possibly in the future.

I was a young 20 year old with skin that was clear and surely not struggling like it is today. I had all the treatments, skin care and medical advice at my fingertips and my skin was the best it ever was. Fast forward 10 years, 2 kids, stress, sun, sugar and coffee my skin was showing the aging and effects of it all. Breakouts galore and the scaring from it was getting worse and worse. Because of my previous experience I knew there was things I could do to take action in getting my skin clear and prevent it from getting worse. I booked an appointment with Dr. Snyman at Dermapure | Lazure in Chilliwack and we came up with a plan to get my skin back in shape. Starting with skin care and 2 antibiotic creams to help clear the acne.

The morning before my appointment I shared on my Instagram Stories how I was going in to Dermapure to finally take action on my skin. Shortly after sharing those stories Dermapure contacted me to be an ambassador and share my experience with the Functional Lab skin care products. Being open and honest with you all is my top priority so you will all be getting my thoughts and experience on it all.

I have used and tested many medical and natural skin care lines and the Functional Lab line is one to impress. Not only is it Canadian-based but the cost of the product is really affordable compared to other professional skin care lines. I’m only a little over a week into using the Functional Lab line and my 2 topical antibiotics so be prepared to get a final review on it all at around the 2 month mark after my check up with Dr. Snyman at Dermapure | Lazure. But let’s talk about what I’m using and why I’m loving them so far. I’m using 4 products from the Functional Lab line starting with the Moisturizing Cleanser and Toner which is soft and gentle on my skin but does a great job taking all my makeup off. Next up in the morning is the Micro Pearl Exfoliant which helps slough off dead skin, makes your skin smooth and helps your moisturizer absorb better. Because I’m on two topical antibiotic creams my skin is more dry and flaky which makes this step important. Getting a good quality moisturizer is so very important and when using a professional skin care line you need to remember less is more. Your skin can only absorb so much so using more than one pump on your skin is pointless and a waste of money. The Youth Solution Anti-aging Cream is packed with active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin! If you think you’re too young for an anti-aging cream, you are wrong! It’s all about preventing wrinkles and increasing your skin metabolism. I find this cream not too rich but super hydrating! Because of my breakouts I worry that creams will make them worse but I haven’t had any issues at all with this moisturizer. Lastly but most importantly is the Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. This Sunscreen is light feeling on your skin and absorbs nicely but does have a white sheen to it when applied. At first I wasn’t sure about the white glow from it but I have found that it absorbs quickly and I personally love how my makeup goes on after this sunscreen.

So where is my skin at after a little over a week of using these products plus the two antibiotic creams? Because of the benzoyl peroxide in my antibiotic creams my skin is a bit more dry, sensitive and peeling a little. This is what my skin needs to improve texture and stop the breakouts. I can’t believe it but I’ve only had one new pimple since starting this skin care line. All the previous breakouts are almost all clear and my skin is glowing. Typically when starting a new skincare line and antibiotic creams your skin will get worse before it gets better because it’s bringing all the impurities to the surface. I’m looking forward to seeing the results after two months if it’s already improved this much!

The Functional Lab Skin Care line is available to purchase online and here are some of the products I can’t wait to try!

Eye Contour Serum (everyone needs a eye cream! I’ve been finding my eyes sensitive and dry from the antibiotics so this would help!) Here is a tip for you – only apply an eye cream under your eye and on sides (crows feet area) NOT on your eye lid as it will weigh it down.
Glycolic Products– Functional Lab has many products with Glycolic which are very beneficial to your skin! Glycolic is a derivative from a sugar cane plant that removes dead skin cells from your skin, reduces fine lines, lightens and smooths your skin. I will be adding these once my antibiotic creams are no longer necessary.
Clarisonic Cleansing Device – nothing beats a good deep clean! Cleansing your skin is important for proper absorption of other products. I would love to try this as I know it would also help with the dry peeling skin I am experiencing from the antibiotics creams.

Last of all lets chat shortly about treatments. In my young 20’s I had glycolic peels, silk peels, IPL’s and….BOTOX. You may be asking why at such a young age did I get Botox? Well at the time I was experiencing frequent migraines. Botox can help prevent migraines and so I gave it a try. I couldn’t believe it but I didn’t have any migraines while the Botox was active (at the time that lasted a little over 6months). If you’re wondering if I have Botox now, no I don’t. But I can’t say I’m against it, because it’s also great for preventing wrinkles. One treatment I would LOVE to get would be an Intense Pulse Light Treatment as I noticed the greatest improvement in my skin after that treatment. It removed my darker spots from sun damage and the small blood vessels around my nose. If you have any questions about these treatments or others ask away!

All the information and products can be found on the Dermapure website HERE. If you’re not sure which products or treatments are right for you I would recommend booking an appointment or going in to one of the clinic’s below.



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