Blush & Blue Front Patio Reveal

If you’re looking for me in my home you won’t find me inside anytime soon! Our front outdoor patio now feels like a room we never had before! We’ve really been enjoying this space including the kids! When designing this space I wanted to make sure it was kid friendly (Check out our patio plans we made HERE). We added a large duvet and blush blanket that we can snuggle in and use to cover the white cushions on the swing. Okay and maybe not just kid friendly but coffee friendly! This morning the chairs in the backyard were on the lawn and I knew they weren’t there when I went to bed last night so I thought maybe someone was in our backyard at night. But later that day when asking my husband if he knew why they were like that he explained that he dropped a FULL CUP OF COFFEE off the stool on the patio and was washing off the rug. I would have never known that it had happened if it wasn’t for the chairs in the lawn this morning. This gorgeous outdoor rug is surprising soft to the touch but durable because you can just hose it off when it gets dirty!
Photography: Riverside Photography
I’ve always dreamed of having a swing or hanging chair on the patio and awhile ago I came across this swing and measured it out on our patio. It would fit perfectly! I’ve mentioned this before but I ordered the swing on the USA website even though I’m located in Canada and had the swing shipped to Sumas, WA where I later picked it up and brought it home. (If you have more questions about that just comment below)

With so many cozy blankets, and pillows we needed storage but I also wanted to make sure we added as much seating as possible. This whicker bench also has some amazing storage! Although we haven’t purchased a dining table yet for this space (hoping soon!) I love that we can use this bench for it! I love the white wash finish, quality is amazing and price is great! 

Let’s talk privacy! We love that we have a half wall on the front of our patio as it blocks out the homes below but we can still see the gorgeous sunset above it. The sides of the patio were left open with just railings so we wanted some curtains for privacy and to block out the sun when needed. I found these amazing stain/water resistant white outdoor curtains and I’m so happy with them! They have velcro tabs on top making it really easy to remove if needed. Because this space will get rain and moisture getting a quality stainless curtain rod is a must. These pressure mounted rods are easy to install and are very sturdy to hold these curtains even in the wind.
The mix of blush and blues make it so inviting and I’m so glad I ventured out of my normal (grey & white) in this space! I would love to hear what you think of this space! Now who’s coming over to enjoy a glass of wine with me here?


Photography: Riverside Photography


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