Simple Organized Pantry

Well I’m finally sharing our finished pantry! WOW I am embarrassed of the before. We moved 2.5 years ago and never had a pantry in our previous home so no containers or baskets were on hand. Before I had the sideboard in the dining area I had all my china and vases in the pantry as well. The pantry was packed with so much stuff it was impossible to a “organize” it all. I would often clean out the pantry but with no containers it would “blow up” quickly into this mess (insert hubby and children…okay and me)! With so many other projects more important then the pantry it got put on the back burner until I couldn’t stand it any longer. YOU GUYS!! It was so simple and easy to do I’m embarrassed I didn’t do it before. I found the style of bins I wanted on The Container Store‘s website and measured my pantry to see how many would fit. I would have loved to get rid of the wire shelving and install wood shelves but these work (Other than the one hook that is missing and I’m using a fork to keep it up. Can you spot it?) and I have other projects I would love my hubby to do before that (priorities lol). Okay so before I can share how good it looks now, I’ll give you the BEFORE horror show! Some of you can relate with it, while some of you will cringe at the sight…

Okay so before you go Pinterest happy on that before photo as inspiration for all your future pantries I’ll show you something you really should PIN! Are you ready?

 TA DAA!!! We can all breathe again! Never did I ever think it could be this simple and gorgeous. The Glass Jars are perfect for so many ingredients and the Large Glass Jars on the floor hold my flour, rice and quinoa. I love the clean look of all white bins and they come in many sizes to fit exactly what you need. My favorite part by far are the White Diamond Straw Belly Baskets! I have so many party, cake and cookie decorating supplies that these baskets hold and hide it all! The bottom belly basket holds all our garbage bags. We needed a designated spot where my husband and I could write what we need for groceries and this white board is so convenient. I hope you enjoy my pantry as much as I am and I can’t wait to see your new pantries!


Now I know I will get asked all about how I ordered this because I’m in Canada. The Container Store does have a Canadian website but they charge a lot for shipping and duties. When I talked to customer service about this they said that you can call in and they can see what they can do to bring the charges down a bit. So give that a try! If you live close to the USA border than simply order from the US website and ship it to a parcel centre at the border. My favorite is 24/7 Parcel in Sumas, WA because I can go get the packages at anytime in a locker simply with a code they provide me when my parcel has arrived. The border at 9:00pm is very slow and I can go across and be back in 15minutes. Also I very rarely get charged duties when crossing so I save on that as well. When ordering from the US website you may need to call in your credit card but they offer free shipping. If you’re wondering why I ordered from The Container Store, it’s because it was cheaper than paying for the items here in Canada. If you have any questions please comment below as I am always happy to help!

This post was not sponsored (even though I would have LOVED it to be…wink wink) and all opinions are my own.


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