Mommy & Me – One Shoulder Lace Top

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Summer is officially here and I am so excited!! School is almost done and I can’t wait to spend the mornings not being rushed out the door (I’m not a morning person 😉 ) I personally find it hard to dress in summer because shirts and dresses are typically too short for my tall body frame (6’1″). Can I first start off by telling you this entire outfit (shirt, pants & shoes) are together only $67. Isn’t that crazy?!

The off the shoulder trend is one I am decently embracing! Get all the details from my & Ariella’s outfits below as well as some similar ones I know you will love! My favourite necklace from Mint & Birch reads “Ariella & Kenton” and the sentimental value is priceless! I couldn’t resist our go to Belle Bows for Ariella’s piggy tails.

Laura’s Outfit (Momma)

Ariella’s Outfit (Daughter)

More one shoulder tops I love!

Photos by @Kristenburrphotography

Location : Rowena’s Inn.


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