Drawing and Writing on a Chalkboard like a pro

I wouldn’t say I’m horrible but in NO MEANS am I good at writing or drawing on chalkboards. Valerie McKeehan created an amazing book called “The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering” to help create your own style of chalk lettering. It also includes diagrams and instructions on how to draw frames, snowflakes etc. With three foldout chalkboards you can have endless fun practicing letters, banners, flourishes, embellishments and frames without even leaving the book.IMG_1111

IMG_1120The foldout chalkboards in this book are so perfect for practicing. Not only will it help you create some stunning chalkboard displays but also give you all the tips to keep your chalkboard looking good as new and how to get all different effects with chalk by just using different pressures and sharpening your chalk with a pencil sharpener.

Valerie-McKeehanMake sure to follow Valarie on Instagram and check out her blog, as there is free downloads and amazing prints to purchase! Not only will you be inspired but motivated to improve and create your own style of lettering.
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