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My love for Minimoc started almost 2 years ago when I met Amanda at a local Christmas Market. The quality handmade moccasins were perfection and her booth display was unique and eye catching. In two years Amanada (Owner, Designer, Maker, Wife, Momma….an amazing women) has taken her business from small to now having 10 employees. Amanda works with her husband and is taking the soft souled shoes world by storm!
IMG_4330 Not only does Minimoc make Moccasins but also Minimoc Shoes, and the NEW Warm Minimoc Shoes (launching Dec.4th 10amPST). All of the shoes and moccasins are handmade in Abbotsford, BC. Canada and sold online and in many stores. I recently hosted a baby shower for my sister (see HERE) and Minimoc was a huge part of the it. The moccasins and shoes not only were amazing gifts for baby Asher but looked great as decor.
AsherKloot-126AsherKloot-128 AsherKloot-137 AsherKloot-117 AsherKloot-67 AsherKloot-58 AsherKloot-52Below find some more images of the newest additions to the Minimoc lineup.
Warm Mimimoc Shoes (launching Dec.4th 10amPST)
IMG_4334 IMG_4335City Plaid Minimoc Moccasins
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