Arrow & Lace Christmas Advent – Pay it forward

This Christmas I wanted to do something different and by doing a “pay it forward” advent as it would help show the kids that Christmas is more than “getting” it’s about giving! One thing I know for sure is that when we focus on giving and not receiving it is such an amazing feeling. When I give it makes me happy and less selfish. Maybe you would like to join us with our “pay it forward” advent? Even just pick a few and do them with your friends, spouse, loved ones. If you share on Instagram use hashtag #arrowandlaceadvent so we can all see! I’m so excited to see what God has in store with doing this during the month of December.
IMG_1001Dec. 1st – bake goodies and give to a friend
Dec. 2nd – pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru
Dec. 3rd – write an encouraging note for a loved one
Dec. 4th – bring (or send) flowers to a friends home
Dec. 5th – donate to the local food bank
Dec. 6th – write christmas cards and bring treats to your neighbours
Dec. 7th – leave a happy note for someone to find
Dec. 8th – bring clothes and toys to a shelter
Dec. 9th – bring someone a coffee
Dec. 10th – do a chore for someone in your family
Dec. 11th – host a dinner for friends
Dec. 12th – let your spouse sleep in
Dec. 13th – write an encouraging letter to your teacher
Dec. 14th – FaceTime or call your grandma and tell them how much you love them
Dec. 15th – leave candy canes for people to find
Dec. 16 – take your mom on a special date
Dec. 17th – bring dinner for a family friend
Dec. 18th – bring a gift basket for a friend in need
Dec. 19th – visit your grandparents and bring them some goodies
Dec. 20th – send a book in the mail to a friend
Dec. 21st – buy a gift card and give to a friend
Dec. 22nd – leave a gift in your mailbox for the mailman (or women 😉 )
Dec. 23rd – go out of your way to compliment someone
Dec. 24th – write a letter thanking your parents for all they have done for you
Dec. 25th – be extra helpful and clean at christmas gatherings/event



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