Holiday Must Haves – Advent Calendars

Every year I think this is the year I’m going to be prepared and get my shopping done early! Well that has yet to happen! Advent calendars bring me back to my childhood as we had the same one growing up and every year my mom would fill it with candies and we were allowed to take one each day. These advent calendars are a lot more classy then the one we had growing up and since I’m a bit picky when it comes to christmas decor I wanted to share.

You also don’t need to just fill them with candy and treats. I love the idea of having friends or family write notes to each other and reading one a day or putting acts of kindness as a family to fulfill each day. Perfect way to teach our children that the holidays is about blessing others.(see more at the bottom of the post)

Click the calendar on the photo you want to shop.


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