A Bright IDEA – silver dipped light bulbs



Well we have officially moved into our new home! YAY! I can’t believe how much work it has been and will be (we aren’t done yet). The month leading into moving day I thought I had a pretty good idea how much work it would be. Well being as I have never really moved before I was in for a big surprise. Growing up I lived in one home until I got married (at 21 years old) and even then it only took one full load of items into my VW golf to move into our town home. Eight years later and we are in a house with our own backyard!! YAY!

When building and choosing lighting for this home I knew I wanted these clear glass pendants above our kitchen island. But choosing the right light bulb would be important because it will make or break the look of the light. These silver dipped light bulbs are perfect and also are available in gold! Because half of the bulb is covered with silver they are not as bright as a traditional bulb so keep this in mind when wanting to light up dark spaces. But they do give off a romantic glow. 😉 The Glass Pendant can be found HERE // Find the links for the bulbs below.

USA Links
Silver Bulbs
Gold Bulbs

Canadian Links
Silver Bulbs
Gold Bulbs



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