Seven Simple but Amazing Cake Ideas

Lets face it, sometimes we have huge plans and ideas for parties but the reality is that time isn’t on our side. These simple ideas will help make your party a success and take the stress out of it (well at least the cake ;). You have seen the “naked cake” everywhere and I am a huge fan! Super easy and super cheap! If you don’t have time to make the cake, order it! Reddy Made Cakes in Abbotsford, BC made this simple naked cake for us and not only did it look perfect but tasted amazing! Want to pin an image to your Pinterest Board? Just run your mouse over the image and in the top right corner click on “pin it” and enjoy!

This “Make a Wish” cake topper is from Confetti Sparkle Party Shop. It’s made from birch wood and does not come painted. With some spray paint in your color of choice you can customize it to fit your theme. This literally took one minute to do! The little animals are from the dollar store and spray painted Gold. Not just any color Gold….THEE GOLD! Find out which gold spray paint we used HERE. The beautiful handwoven weave is made by Wild Plum Co.IMG_9106_edited-1 IMG_9118IMG_9113Same Cake as above but by using seasonal flowers like peonies it creates an entirely new look. Perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, and engagement parties. With these peonies we simply just cut off the stem and placed them on the cake. If your flower needs the stem and you want to poke it into the cake simply just wrap the stem with plastic wrap to create a barrier. We don’t want a funny tasting cake now do we ;).IMG_9172IMG_9176IMG_9165IMG_9177Now for the boys!! What do you step on, are afraid of someone choking on, never hear the end of??? LEGO!! So we all know you have enough of it around the home. Soap, rinse and dry (because you really have no idea where those lego men have been) and place on top of the cake. Thats it….really that simple!
IMG_9119IMG_9122IMG_9131I really love this one below! This greenery came from the backyard! So free, simple and looks amazing! Cute cutting board from Spruce Collective.
IMG_9147IMG_9145IMG_9161It’s Spring time which means wedding season has started and this topper is perfect for it! “Best Day Ever” topper from Confetti Sparkle Party Shop. Made out of birch wood, but again you can spray paint it any color you desire. 
IMG_9090IMG_9096IMG_9094For the “Birthday Girl” (but also comes in “Birthday Boy“) this topper is from Confetti Sparkle Party Shop. Recently we celebrated my daughters 5th Birthday which had a strawberry picnic theme. (will share more on that soon) I chose to spray paint the topper red (okay Cindy from Confetti Sparkle Party Shop did it for me because I planned this entire party in a few days) to match the berry theme. I made the cake thanks to Betty Crockers white box cake and whipped icing from a tin…..I was rushed…but it did taste good with strawberries and ice-cream 🙂
IMG_8931IMG_8967IMG_9073And last but not least these cake toppers were made out of printer paper and white sticks from the dollar store. This past Aug (2014) we celebrated my sons 1st birthday which was “Never Stop Exploring” themed. There was a lot going on so I really wanted the cake to be simple. I googled “black white stripes” and printed it on regular printer paper. Cut it out in a flag pattern and hot glued it to the white sticks. So really you could just google anything and print it out to match any themed event. (more on this event soon)
All images taken by me- Laura Derksen / Arrow & Lace Designs


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