Arrow & Lace Words – GO the Extra Mile

About a month ago I went for a walk with Kenton and Ariella and on our way home we saw a 12 year old boy on crutches trying to carry a bag full of groceries. The bag had ripped wide open and he was trying to balance a large jar of peanut butter and multiple other grocery items in his hands while using his crutches. He had hurt his ankle and could barely walk. We live on a steep hill which made it even harder for the boy to get home. The kids and I had already been on a long walk and I was tired from pushing them up the hills and back from the park. One part of me was thinking “just go home your tired and the kids are cranky” and the other “here is your opportunity to teach my children a lesson”. We ran down to the boy and Ariella and I picked up the groceries which by this point were all over the sidewalk. After putting them all in our stroller we walked side by side to his home.

As “little” of an “extra” mile that was, it made a difference in Ariella (4 years old) who now notices more if others need help. It might be hard at first to go the “extra mile” but it is so rewarding after. It feels so good to help others but why is it so hard to do so sometimes? This week I am taping this quote up and making more of an effort to help others. Will you join me?

Feel free to print out this image below.



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