Lately I have been thinking about how I can encourage more people around me. I am so excited to start #arrowandlacewords where every week on sundays I post something positive and uplifting. Either a phrase, simple word(s) or a scripture verse to encourage you. I wanted to make it pretty and easy for you to print, repost or PIN to help encourage others!

If you print it I would love to see how you have used it! Post a photo and tag #arrowandlacewords so we can all see!

This weeks encouragement is “You are Beautiful”. Simple I know!! But sometime it’s the simple words that mean the most. After having a daughter and reading many articles explaining the importance of telling them they are smart, kind and beautiful this phrase it’s a common one around our home. Not only do I want Ariella to feel beautiful, but know that it’s about beauty on the inside. Being kind, encouraging, thoughtful, is what BEAUTIFUL also means. Ariella (my daughter) is four years old right now and she is confident! The world of insecurities hasn’t touched her yet. When I tell her she is beautiful, smart and kind she replies “I KNOW”. It’s truly priceless! I love that she believes in herself and knows we all believe in her as well. Next year she goes to Kindergarten and I know the insecurities will start and I am hoping that I am helping her believe in herself.

I hope you will enjoy this series and pass them on.



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