Maternity Photo Shoot

Going back to July 2013 when I was pregnant with Kenton we had this fabulous maternity session with Ashley Martens Photography. I wasn’t planning on doing another maternity photo shoot after my daughter Ariella (because I thought you didn’t need hundreds of belly photos). I am so glad I didn’t listen to myself and instead listened to others who recommend I go and do it! I went around the house and pulled decor and items I felt all coordinated. Then got my handy husband and dad to find me sticks at my parents property to make a more rustic tee pee. A old lace table cloth I got at a local thrift store and some rope to finish off the look. (no sewing was involved…SCORE!)

Just down from our home is this field which I felt was perfect for the photos I was picturing in my head. Little did I know Ashley our photographer would make it look 10 times better!

When I look at these photos they make me see the good in my pregnancies. Being pregnant wasn’t easy for me! From the nausea, acid reflux (I drank Divol like nobody’s business), silent migraines that would make me go blind in my eyes for over an hour every single day to other symptoms which get WAY to personal….I’ll end it there lol. I struggled a lot with Anxiety this pregnancy. After Ariella was born I had postpartum. Yes, I said it! (I will touch more on my story about Postpartum in the future) I would get so anxious that I would get postpartum again and feel all those horrible emotions. This time I knew we were having a boy! Nobody but my husband and I knew his name, Kenton until after he was born. Finding out the gender in my second pregnancy helped me bond so much more! I was open with my family, friends and doctor about my previous postpartum experience with my first born and had the most amazing support after Kenton arrived. I can happily say I didn’t get postpartum after Kenton was born. But like I said earlier I will share more on that soon.

Pregnancy can make you feel a million different things, happy, sad, insecure, super women…the list goes on. You deserve to be able to look back at photos and remember the good. Get dressed up, do your hair and don’t be so critical of yourself! Your growing a human for goodness sake.

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Cream Dress-Winners
Pink & Gold Dress- Pink Blush Maternity 
LOVE Bracelet- Lolly’s
Sandals- Steve Madden
Necklace- Joe (Superstore)
Headband – One of a Kind Arrow & Lace Designs

Brody’s Outfit
T-shirt- American Eagle
Shorts- Lululemon
Watch- Nixon

Ariella’s Outfit
Sweater- H&M
Lace Romper & Pettiskirt (Crystal Clear Boutique my previous company)
Shoes- Old navy

Balloon & Tassel Garland – Confetti Sparkle Party Shop
Triangle Blanket- Vonbon
Pillows- Ikea, Fabricland
White Banner- Raggy Girl Vintage
Birdcages-Home Sense
White Lantern- Home Sense
White Blanket – Home Sense
Grey Suit Case – Spruce Collective

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